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Taking Bar Prep to a New Level!
Loaded with Bar Exam Mnemonics across all MBE Topics right at your fingertips!

BARWORDS is an interactive puzzle style game that helps you remember key Bar Exam concepts by drilling you with a variety of mnemonics and acronyms--from old favorites like MYLEGS and TACO to new and original ones.

Desktop. Laptop. Tablet. Smartphone.
works on any device with a modern browser (Firefox or Chrome recommended).
No downloads required.

We are offering access to BARWORDS for free for a limited number of users while we make some improvements. Interested? Send an email to support@jurassist.com

All Rise!TM Hearsay
FRE Courtroom Simulation

Object! Rebut!
Learn and apply the FRE hearsay rules as you play both P and D attorneys.

All Rise! Hearsay is not available for sale yet but we are looking for a handful of current bar preppers to play the gamej in exchange for feedback. Interested? Send an email to support@jurassist.com

OK. MCTracker is not exactly a game.

But, it can save you time because it helps you easily track your Bar Exam Multiple Choice progress and focus your learning on problem areas.

MCTracker is an online app (works on any modern browser) that replaces and upgrades MBE Multiple Choice Question tracking spreadsheets. You can enter everything you need with simple point-and-click / touch--making this app easy to use on the go.

Plus, MCTracker gives you reports and charts to give you insights into your Bar Exam Multiple Choice strengths and weaknesses.
Learn more about MCTracker features.
We are offering access to MCTracker for free for a limited number of users while we make some improvements. Interested? Send an email to support@jurassist.com

Upgrade your MBE tracking spreadsheet with MCTracker today!
Offered as a subscription service. Subscription runs through the end of the next bar exam.
Roadmap for Bar Exam Games.

Perfect your legal analysis by practicing
connecting law to fact with the
Wizard of BecauseTM!
Become the Wizard of Because.
This Bar Exam Game is designed to sharpen your issue spotting skills, solidify the habit of connecting law to fact, and, of course, help you pass the Bar Exam.

Own Real Property questions with
an interactive stroll through

From Adverse Possession to Landlord Tenant law,
this Bar Exam Game will put you on the right path.

COPS & Robberies!
You have the right to ride along and learn Criminal Law and Procedure.

Anything you learn, can and will help you pass the Bar Exam. You are about to become an attorney. If you are not about to become an attorney, this Bar Exam Game is not for you.

Play the Bar Exam Game COPS & Robberies and make your first Terry Stop. Mirandize. SITLA (See,
BARWORDS) and more.

Burglary, Arson, Rape, Robbery, Kidnapping (BARRK for Felony Murder,
All Rise!
FRE Courtroom Simulations
Immerse yourself in a courtroom simulation where you get to hone your knowledge of relevance, hearsay, presentation of evidence, and other highly tested areas of the Federal Rules of Evidence.
Moving efficiently through the MBE portion of the Bar Exam requires constant mental gear shifting among and between the various Bar Exam topics and subtopics.

SpeedTopics!TM is designed to help you train your brain to quickly recognize the areas of law tested on the MBE based on the call of a question or phrase and then take it to the next level with sub-topical areas.
Other Bar Exam Games on the Horizon
Bar Exam Game design is underway for all other areas of the MBE: Civil Procedure, Constitional Law, Torts, and Contracts.

Plus, we are keeping a close eye on changes based on the "NextGen" Bar Exam and plan to adapt our
Bar Exam Games as necessary.

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